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  • Steam Dumpling Production Line

    Steam Dumpling Production Line

    Dumpling, as a traditional Chinese food, are now loved by more and more people around the world. There are many kinds of dumplings, and steamed dumplings are more traditional Chinese dumplings. Steaming dumplings in a steamer makes steamed dumplings more chewy than fried dumplings and boiled dumplings. The automatic dumpling machine can realize the forming, placing and packaging of dumplings. Let me show you how to make steamed dumplings.
  • Mini Sausage Production Line

    Mini Sausage Production Line

    How small is the mini sausage? We usually refer to those smaller than five centimeters. The raw materials are usually beef, chicken, and pork. Mini sausages are usually used with bread, pizza, etc. to make fast food or various delicacies. So how to make mini sausages with equipment? Sausage filling machines and twisting machines that can accurately quantify portions are key parts. Our sausage making machine can produce mini sausages with a minimum of less than 3 cm. At the same time, it can also be equipped with an automated sausage cooking oven and sausage packaging machine. So, let us show you how to build a production line for mini sausages.
  • Boiled Dumpling Production Line

    Boiled Dumpling Production Line

    Boiled dumplings are the most traditional Chinese dumplings. They are not chewy and crispy like steamed dumplings and fried dumplings. The taste is the most original dumpling flavor. The dumpling machine can have many different options according to the shape. Usually, dumplings will be frozen and stored, which is not easy to damage, easy to store, and will not lose the original flavor. Our dumpling machine can be equipped with quick freezing equipment to improve efficiency and productivity.
  • Fish Ball Production Line

    Fish Ball Production Line

    Fish balls, as the name suggests, are meatballs made from fish meat. They are popular in Asia, mainly in China, Southeast Asia, Japan, etc. and a few other countries. After the fish bones are removed, the fish meat is stirred at a high speed in order to make the fish balls have a more elastic taste. How does the factory make fish balls? What is usually needed is automatic equipment, including fish deboning machine, chopping machine, beater, fish ball machine,fish ball boiling line and other equipment.
  • Bagged Pet Food Production Line

    Bagged Pet Food Production Line

    Wet pet food is an important component of the pet food market. According to different packaging forms, it can be divided into different product types such as bagged pet food and canned pet food. How can we realize automated processing and production of pet food in small bags? Our program will help you find more efficient and beneficial solutions for wet dog food, wet cat food production plants, etc.
  • Fresh Noodles Production Line

    Fresh Noodles Production Line

    Fully automatic noodle machine and noodle integrated solutions are our core competitiveness. Automatic flour feeding device, automatic quantitative water feeding device, vacuum dough mixer, corrugated calender, automatic aging tunnel, continuous steam cooking machine, etc., all come from our continuous pursuit of product quality improvement. Helping customers to produce high-quality noodles, improving production efficiency, and reducing customer costs are our motivation for continuous improvement and optimization of equipment.
  • Luncheon Meat Production Line

    Luncheon Meat Production Line

    Luncheon meat, as an important accompaniment food, has gone through decades of development history. Convenience, ready-to-eat, and long shelf life are its important features. The main equipment of the luncheon meat production line is the filling and sealing equipment, which requires a vacuum filling machine and a vacuum sealing machine to ensure that the luncheon meat will not shorten the shelf life due to the lack of sealing. The luncheon meat factory can realize fully automatic production, save labor, and increase production capacity.
  • Chinese Sausage Production Line

    Chinese Sausage Production Line

    Chinese sausages are sausages made by mixing fatty pork and lean pork in a certain proportion, marinating, filling and air-drying. Traditional Chinese sausages usually choose to marinate the raw meat naturally, but due to the long processing time, the production capacity is very low. With reference to modern sausage factories, the vacuum tumbler has become an important equipment for Chinese sausage processing, and cooling function can be added to ensure the freshness of the product.
  • Freeze-Dried Pet Food Production Line

    Freeze-Dried Pet Food Production Line

    Drying is one of the methods to keep the substance from spoiling. There are many drying methods, such as sun drying, boiling, spray drying and vacuum drying. However, most of the volatile components will be lost, and some heat-sensitive substances such as protein and vitamins will be denatured. Therefore, the properties of the dried product are quite different from those before drying. The freeze-drying method is different from the above drying methods, which can preserve more nutrients and the original shape of the food. Freeze-dried pet food is a pet food production process based on the characteristics of freeze-drying technology.
  • Twisted Sausage Production Line

    Twisted Sausage Production Line

    We Helper Food Machinery bring you the best twisted sausage solution which can enhance the production, increase products yield and reduce labor costs. Precision vacuum filling machine and automatic sausage linker/twister can customer help to make sausage quickly and easily with both natural casing and collagen casing. The upgraded high speed sausage linking and hanging system will release the hands of worker, while the twising process time, casing loading will be done at the same time.
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