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  • New study says vegan diet is equally healthy for pets

    According to a study that hopes to promote plant-based diets for pets, a vegan diet for cats and dogs may be as healthy as a meat diet. This research comes from Andrew Knight, a professor of veterinary medicine at the University of Winchester. Knight said that in terms of certain health outcomes...
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  • What are the purpose and methods of the high temperature sterilization kettle?

    In the food processing production line, high temperature sterilization is very important. The main target of sterilization is Bacillus botulinum, which can produce toxins that cause fatal harm to the human body. It is a heat-resistant anaerobic bacteria that can be expos...
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  • Soy Vegetarian Ham Sausage

    Using soybean tissue protein, konjac refined powder, protein powder, and vegetable oil as the main raw materials, the structural characteristics of each component are used to replace animal meat and test the processing technology of vegetarian meat and ham sausage. Basic...
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  • How to plan and build a meat processing plant scientifically and reasonably?

    How to plan and build meat processing plants scientifically and reasonably is very important to meat production companies, especially those companies that are just involved in meat processing often encounter some troublesome problems. Reasonable planning will get twice the result with half the ef...
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  • New freeze-dried pet food

    1. Composition of raw materials in parts by weight: 100 parts for livestock and poultry meat, 2 parts for water, 12 parts for glucose, 8 parts for glycerin, and 0.8 parts for table salt. Among them, livestock meat is chicken. 2. Production process: (1) Preparation: Pre-t...
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  • The principle and advantages of vacuum dough mixer

    In the production process of flour products, dough mixing is a process directly related to the quality of flour products. The first step of kneading is to allow the raw flour to absorb moisture, which is convenient for calendering and forming in the subsequent process. I...
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  • Processing technology of quick-frozen strawberry pork preserves

    Ingredients: Fresh pork 250g (fat-to-lean ratio 1: 9), strawberry juice 20g, white sesame 20g, salt, soy sauce, sugar, black pepper , ginger, etc Technological process: washing meat → grind meat → stirring (putting seasoning and strawberry juice) → quick freezing → thawi...
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  • Why are sausages sealed with aluminum clips?

    Sausages are a very versatile food in our daily life, they can be eaten directly or added to other foods to increase flavor, but do you know why the two ends of the sausages are sealed with aluminum clips? First, it is par...
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  • Different noodles in different countries

    Noodles are a favorite food in the world and also play an indispensable position in life. Each country has its own noodle culture. So today, let ’s share the noodles that are the best in various countries. Let ’s take a look! 1. Beijing fried noodle...
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  • Features and advantages of the vacuum dough kneading machine

      Vacuum dough kneading machine simulates the principle of manual kneading in a vacuum state, so that the gluten network can be formed quickly, and the mixing and mixing of water is increased by 20% on the basis of the conventional process. Quick mixing enables wheat protein to absorb water in ...
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