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  • Bagged Pet Food Production Line

    Bagged Pet Food Production Line

    Wet pet food is an important component of the pet food market. According to different packaging forms, it can be divided into different product types such as bagged pet food and canned pet food. How can we realize automated processing and production of pet food in small bags? Our program will help you find more efficient and beneficial solutions for wet dog food, wet cat food production plants, etc.
  • Freeze-Dried Pet Food Production Line

    Freeze-Dried Pet Food Production Line

    Drying is one of the methods to keep the substance from spoiling. There are many drying methods, such as sun drying, boiling, spray drying and vacuum drying. However, most of the volatile components will be lost, and some heat-sensitive substances such as protein and vitamins will be denatured. Therefore, the properties of the dried product are quite different from those before drying. The freeze-drying method is different from the above drying methods, which can preserve more nutrients and the original shape of the food. Freeze-dried pet food is a pet food production process based on the characteristics of freeze-drying technology.
  • Raw Pet Food Processing Line

    Raw Pet Food Processing Line

    Raw pet food is pet food that is directly fed to pets after being crushed, filled, and packaged without going through processes such as steaming or cooking. The processing technology of raw dog food is relatively simple, because the cooked part is omitted, so it is easier to produce. Raw dog food has requirements for the age and stage of the pet, so not all pets are suitable for eating raw dog food.