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  • Mini Sausage Production Line

    Mini Sausage Production Line

    Mini sausages refer to small-sized sausages, generally within 5cm in length and about 10g in weight. They can be used as snack sausages, hot pot sausages, etc. The raw materials of mini sausages are generally the same as ordinary sausages, mainly chicken, pork, beef, etc. It also requires grinding, mixing, filling, cooking, etc. The finished product can be eaten directly, or fried, mixed with other ingredients to make different delicacies, etc. Various flavors, crispy and delicious....
  • Twisted Sausage Production Line

    Twisted Sausage Production Line

    The sausage production line as our main product, after continuous improvement and innovation, can be applied to different product needs. From small-scale semi-automatic processing equipment to fully automatic processing production lines.It is also suitable for the production and processing of different raw materials, chicken, beef, and other sausages.We can provide a complete set of production solutions, from raw material processing to steaming and smoking, to final packaging. In sa...
  • Clipped Sausage Production Line

    Clipped Sausage Production Line

    The clipper machine can be used for different series of products, sausage, ham, salami, polony, also for butter, cheese and others. Because of its wide variety, easy storage, convenience, and practicality, people always love meat products. Generally, clipped sausages are mostly made of plastic casings, which have good airtightness, easy storage, and strong toughness.  The main structure of the full set of equipment is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, with high processing ac...
  • Bacon Production Line

    Bacon Production Line

    The bacon production line is an automated production solution on the basis of retaining the traditional processing technology. It ensures the characteristics and advantages of bacon products, while increasing production capacity and reducing labor costs. Thanks to the high-quality materials and precise control of the equipment, the visual operation is realized and the production is more transparent. Bacon has higher requirements for raw materials, and lean pork is generally used. Fi...
  • Chinese Sausage Production Line

    Chinese Sausage Production Line

    Chinese-style sausage refers to meat products with Chinese characteristics that are made from meat as raw materials, cut into cubes, supplemented with auxiliary materials, and poured into animal casings, and then fermented and matured. It is the largest category of meat products in China. , Its craft is somewhat similar to salami. According to different tastes, there can be different products such as sweet and spicy.Based on this, it is also possible to make salami by changing some ...