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  • Mini Sausage Production Line

    Mini Sausage Production Line

    How small is the mini sausage? We usually refer to those smaller than five centimeters. The raw materials are usually beef, chicken, and pork. Mini sausages are usually used with bread, pizza, etc. to make fast food or various delicacies. So how to make mini sausages with equipment? Sausage filling machines and twisting machines that can accurately quantify portions are key parts. Our sausage making machine can produce mini sausages with a minimum of less than 3 cm. At the same time, it can also be equipped with an automated sausage cooking oven and sausage packaging machine. So, let us show you how to build a production line for mini sausages.
  • Chinese Sausage Production Line

    Chinese Sausage Production Line

    Chinese sausages are sausages made by mixing fatty pork and lean pork in a certain proportion, marinating, filling and air-drying. Traditional Chinese sausages usually choose to marinate the raw meat naturally, but due to the long processing time, the production capacity is very low. With reference to modern sausage factories, the vacuum tumbler has become an important equipment for Chinese sausage processing, and cooling function can be added to ensure the freshness of the product.
  • Twisted Sausage Production Line

    Twisted Sausage Production Line

    We Helper Food Machinery bring you the best twisted sausage solution which can enhance the production, increase products yield and reduce labor costs. Precision vacuum filling machine and automatic sausage linker/twister can customer help to make sausage quickly and easily with both natural casing and collagen casing. The upgraded high speed sausage linking and hanging system will release the hands of worker, while the twising process time, casing loading will be done at the same time.
  • Bacon Production Line

    Bacon Production Line

    Bacon is generally a traditional food made by marinating, smoking, and drying pork. Modern automatic production lines require brine injection machines, vacuum tumblers, smokers, slicers and other equipment. Compared with the traditional manual pickling, production and other processes, it is more intelligent. How to produce delicious bacon more efficiently and automatically? This is the customized solution we provide you.
  • Clipped Sausage Production Line

    Clipped Sausage Production Line

    There are many types of clipped sausage among the world, such as polony sausage, ham, hanged salami, boiled sausage, etc. We provide our clients different clipping solutions according to different types of sausage. Whether it is a U-shaped clip, a continuous R clips, or a straight aluminum wire, we have the corresponding equipment models and solutions. The automatic clipping and sealing machine can be combined with any automatic filling machine to form a product production line. We also provide customized product clipping solutions, such as sealing according to length, adjusting filling tightness and so on.